John Reddington
My work explores the very personal confluence of self narrative, environmental space and aesthetic transformation. The visual dialogues I am currently developing are projected as individual experience lodged within objective detail and artistic form. My pursuit is to represent both emotive sensations and specific incidents, which are specifically important to myself. These dialogues, or stories, range from the funny, tragically sad, melancholic, happy, and at times a combination of many emotions. These overarching human qualities become transformed by the inherent plurality of aesthetic experience that integrates memory, emotion and environmental context. Within this recollection, there are elements of loss, and elements of clarity; revisiting these memories cause them to drift between the real and the exaggerated. These moments are represented by a title, which opens a broad spectrum of interpretation, a focus on simplified visual forms and color relationships. These forms and colors all speak, and represent my own experiences in the natural world. Through formal control I transform natural experiences to an aesthetic experience. The color palate channels a visual dialogue to an appreciation of the natural, and forces the viewer to contemplate aesthetic experience. The goal is to arrive at an aesthetic, and emotional insight that implores the viewer to defend against their own premature anxiety for closure and arrival, offering instead the opportunity for discourse and departure. These works function as moments experienced and lost to memory, reproduced and embraced through visual language, indefinite yet viscerally communicable.